Flamanville June 2015

Information on the EPR safety valves at Flamanville. What happened early 2015?

EPR at Flamanville: new and serious abnormalities…

(Mediapart June 8th 2015)    Excerpt from pdf article
« Ce document que Mediapart a pu se procurer, avertit sur de multiples modes de défaillances aux conséquences graves sur les soupapes de sûreté, équipements servant à dépressurer le réacteur. »

EPR at Flamanville: after the tank, safety valves are questioned

(L’Usine nouvelle, June 8th 2015)    pdf article
« According to a report from the Institute for radiological protection and nuclear safety (IRSN) that got Mediapart, the Flamanville EPR safety valves, which control the reactor pressure will not work correctly. »

The Flamanville reactor meets new challenges

(Le figaro économie June 9th 2015)    pdf article
« The Institute for radiation protection and nuclear safety confirms have noted anomalies on the valves of the EPR.  »

New anomalies at the Flamanville EPR: safety valves concerned.

(Francetv info, June 9th 2015)   pdf article
« The nuclear reactor on the Channel encounters difficulties of functioning on its safety valves, whose operator EDF will have to respond, says the Institute of radiation protection and nuclear safety. »

Information note regarding to the technical instruction of the EPR project reactor at Flamanville

(IRSN,June 9th 2015)   pdf article
« In an article published June 8th 2015, Mediapart reported a confidential report of the IRSN […] on the safety valves at Flamanville EPR and…  »

Why valves are malfunctioning? Attached documents inform us:

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