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Three Mile Island

Valve of Three Mile Island

Three Mile Island Accident (28 Mars 1979) The accident began with a series of annoying but minor incidents of exploitation, on the water supply to the steam generators. Operators spent several minutes to rectify the situation. During this time, the primary circuit water, insufficiently cooled, did increase the pressure of this circuit to trigger the […]

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Flamanville June 2015

Information on the EPR safety valves at Flamanville. What happened early 2015? – EPR at Flamanville: new and serious abnormalities… (Mediapart June 8th 2015)    Excerpt from pdf article « Ce document que Mediapart a pu se procurer, avertit sur de multiples modes de défaillances aux conséquences graves sur les soupapes de sûreté, équipements servant à […]

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Flamanville plant: Incident valve from 1 December 2012

– New failure of the Flamanville nuclear reactor 1 (Ouest France Cherbourg-Octeville 01 Décembre 2012)    pdf article « pdf articleThis morning, it is the power supply valve that remained open at a time where it would have had to close,… » – Flamanville : reactor 1 broke down again. (Europe 1, le 01 Décembre 2012)    pdf article […]

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Centrale Cattenom

Cattenom power plant: Valve Incident on 28 May 2015

Cattenom power plant: Valve Incident on 28 May 2015 Unintended opening of a steam valve on the reactor 1 of the Cattenom nuclear power plant Information note ASN June 10th 2015 pdf article ————– Cattenom nuclear emergency: what happened? Excerpt from the Journal de l’énergie (June 3, 2015) (3 juin 2015) pdf article The incident […]

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