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The three worlds

Our Macroscopic World 

The specialists in the field of thermodynamic announce long ago, irreversible phenomena of all kinds induce an increase in disorder. For their part, the theoreticians of chaos, in the 1970s, showed that dissipative systems subjected to an imbalance can self-organize in spectacular way. Order can appear locally but disorder increases naturally elsewhere in the system so that the laws of thermodynamics are not infringed.

Irreversible phenomena are not only responsible for an increase in disorder , they are also actively involved in the formation of ordered structures : Irreversibility leads both disorder and order.

By the ways of physics is here presented our macroscopic world where order and disorder are intimately intertwined.

The world of the whole disorder 

The constructive role of irreversible phenomena far from equilibrium leads to the formation of “orderly structures” which hinder return to the final equilibrium due to the part of order they contain. The purpose of the principle of worst action is delete all order contained in the system for quickly achieve the final equilibrium point.

The world of the perfect order

It was more urgent to treat the world of complete disorder, for the purpose of calming industrial installations subject to chaos, than attempting to enter the world where the order would be perfect (i.e., without no mess).