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Porte avion Charles De Gaulle

Aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle: Safety Valve Incident (October 15th, 2010)

Aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle: Safety Valve Incident (October 15th, 2010) –  Wikipédia After having started from Toulon Wednesday, October 13, 2010, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle returned to its base on 15 October. While the ship had envisaged ultimate training off the coast before his deployment towards the Indian ocean, a technical problem was uncovered, […]

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Fessenheim Power Plant (april 2014)

Fessenheim Power Plant : valve Incident on April 18th 2014 – Incident at Fessenheim: Power Plant stopped (Europe 1, April 19th 2014)    pdf article « The reactor number two […] stopped automatically Friday at 10:40 p.m. after the untimely closure of a valve regulating the arrival of steam on the turbo alternator… » – Fessenheim : the […]

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Experimental demonstration of Boltzmann equation.

Let us apply the principle of worst action. Using a supersonic nozzle A; the method of characteristics allows to define the gas state at each point. The number of characteristics can be very large, and thus the network can be much finer than the one presented. In the relaxation domain, flow properties (speed, direction of […]

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Utilité du vistemboir

The principle of worst action allows the escape chaos

Thermodynamic domains encountered in the operation of a safety valve. – Close to initial equilibrium, this is the area of linear thermodynamics. Agitation in the molecular world leads to the transport phenomena. These processes are irreversible: this is particularly the case for viscosity. Entropy grows. Flows are laminar in this zone. – More far from equilibrium, one […]

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Pire Action

The principle of worst action applied to valves

In supersonic flows, there is a favorable feature to create a lot of disorder. In the supersonic portion of the expansion, flows are not one-dimensional. They are fragmented into multiple parts, each with a direction, speed, etc. These values differ significantly of a particle with its neighbor. Furthermore, a given relaxation can be accomplished with […]

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The principle of worst action applied to a perforated plate.

The principle of operation is the following: the fluid put in speed in the section restriction that is imposed to it, degrades its kinetic energy downstream by the sudden enlargement effect. This energy degradation is often accompanied by chaotic areas and instabilities, as it can be seen on the video below.   Description of a […]

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The principle of worst action

Image translation: Should we degrade energy? Yes, only sometimes and in these cases it must be degraded very quickly. Where to? -In valves in particular. Why? -To calm their chaotic and violent flows. How? -By using the principle of worst action. The second law of thermodynamics in the traditional form is written: energy is deteriorating. […]

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Boltzmann Entropy

Ludwig Boltzmann was able to demonstrate the exceptional relationship: S=k ln W It means that entropy S is bound to the disorder which reigns in the system of molecules. This relationship is remarkable in more than one way. It builds a bridge between our macroscopic world and microscopic world, in which molecules are agitated continuously. How […]

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